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2N4416 JFET transistor.
Pinout. Datasheet.

Package:TO-72 1-sourse, 2-drain, 3-gate,
4-corpus; TO-92, 1-sourse, 2-drain, 3 - gate.
Type of 2N4416 transistor: JFET
Type of control channel: N - Channel
Maximum power dissipation (PD): 300mW
Gate-source breakdown voltage (V(BR) GSS): 30V
Drain-source breakdown voltage (V DS): 30V
Gate-source Cutoff voltage (VGS(off)): 6V
Maximum continuous drain current (ID): 10mA
Maximum junction temperature (Tj): 175C
Input Capacitance (Ciss):4 pF
Output Capacitance (Coss):2 pF
Maximum drain-source on-state resistance (RDS(on)): 150 Ohm
Forward Transconductance(gfs):4000