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MJE13005(13005) transistor.
Pinout. Datasheet.

Marking: MJE13005,13005.
Package: TO-252, TO-220, T0-251, TO-126, TO-263, TO-262.
Material of transistor: Si
Polarity: NPN
Total Devise power dissipation |PD|:
TO-126, TO-126S,TO-220N - 40 W,TO-220,TO-262,TO-263 - 50 W
TO-252 and TO-251 - 50 W
Collector-base breakdown voltage |VCBO|: 700 V
Collector-emitter breakdown voltage |VCEO|: 400 V
Emitter-base breakdown voltage |VEBO|: 9 V
Maximum Continuous collector current |Ic max|: 4 A
. Maximum junction temperature |Tj|: +150 C
Transition frequency (ft) : 4 MHz(min)
Collector-emitter saturation voltage|VCE|:0,5 V(IC=1A,IB=0,2A),0,6 V(IC=2A,IB=0,5A).
Base-emitter saturation voltage|VBE|:1,2 V(IC=1A,IB=0,2A),1,6 V(IC=2A,IB=0,5A).
Forward current transfer ratio |hFE| : 20-25for MJE13005B, 25-30 for MJE13005C,30-40 for MJE13005D .
Storage time|t s |:4 µs
Fall time |t F |:0,9 µs
MJE13005 Datasheet (PDF)
(Unisonic Technologies.)