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"MJE13001 and 13001 transistors..
Pinout. Datasheet.

Type Designator:MJE13001, 13001.
Package: TO-92, SOT-89, TO-126(MJE13001AL)
Material of transistor: Si
Polarity: NPN

Attention! Transistors MJE13001 (marking MJE13001) and TS13001(marking 13001) in the package TO-92 have different pin assignment.
Moreover, transistors mje13001 in TO-92 and SOT-89 packages can also have different pinout! In this case, the output of the collector is always in the middle.
For example:

Therefore, the pins of each 13001 transistor must be checked with a multimeter or tester before installation.

If the transistor is faulty in such a way that the location of its pins can't be specified by the multimeter or tester, you need to pay attention to its connection to the electronic circuit of the device in which it is used.
The emitter is most often connected directly or through a resistor with a small resistance to the negative pin of the input smoothing capacitor.
The collector is always in the middle.
Thus, the third pin is the base.

If you check the transistor 13001 and see that the circuit between the collector and the emitter is open when the positive connector is connected to the emitter, it may mean that the transistor contains an additional diode.

The main parameters of the transistor MJE13001(13001).

Power Dissipation |PD|@:|TA|=25°
0.75 W (TO-92)
0.55 W (SOT-89)
1 W (TO-126)

Power Dissipation |PD|@:|Tc|=25°
20 W (TO-126)

Collector-base breakdown voltage |VCBO|: 600V

Collector-emitter breakdown voltage |VCEO|: 400V

Emitter-base breakdown voltage |VEBO|: 7V

Maximum collector current |Ic max|: 0.2A for MJE13001, 0.1A - for KTS13001 and TS13001

Maximum junction temperature |Tj|: +150 C

Transition frequency (ft) : 8MHz(min)

Collector-emitter saturation voltage|VCE|:0,5V(IC=50mA,IB=10mA).

Base-emitter saturation voltage|VBE|:1,2V(IC=50mA,IB=10mA).

Forward current transfer ratio |hFE| : 10-70,(IC=20mA,VCE=20V).

Storage time|t s |:1,5µs

Fall time |t F |:0,3µs

MJE13001 Datasheet (PDF)
(Unisonic Technologies.)

TS13001 Datasheet (PDF)