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"MJE13001 and 13001 transistors..
Pinout. Datasheet.

MJE13001 and 13001 transistors. Pinout.

Marking: MJE13001, 13001, KSE13001, TS13001, KTS13001, HK13001, ST13001.
All this transistors are used mainly in devices for powering and recharging various electronic gadgets.
13001 can have different types of packages: TO-92, SOT-89, TO-126.
Material of transistors: Si
Polarity: NPN

Attention! MJE13001 (marking MJE13001)in TO-92, SOT-89 packages and TS13001(marking 13001) in the package TO-92 have different pin assignment.
For example:
MJE13001 and 13001 transistors. Another option Pinout.
More information about this MJE13001 can be found by clicking on this link.
But in any case, the Pinout of each 13001 is better to check with a multimeter or tester before installation.

If the transistor is faulty in such a way that the location of its pins can't be specified by the multimeter or tester, you need to pay attention to its connection to the electronic circuit of the device in which it is used.
The emitter is most often connected directly or through a resistor with a small resistance to the negative pin of the input smoothing capacitor.
The collector is always in the middle.
Thus, the third pin is the base.

Some 13001 contain built-in diodes connected between the emitter and the collector. Their purpose is to protect the transistor from reverse voltage pulses that occur when it operates with an inductive load-usually the transformer winding.
13001 transistor with the diode between the collector and emitter.

The main parameters of the 13001.

Power Dissipation (PD)at an ambient temperature of 25°, without heat sink.(|TA|=25°)
from 0.75 W to 1.1 W for package TO-92(depending on the manufacturer)
0.55 W (SOT-89)
1 W (TO-126)

Power Dissipation (PD)at a collector temperature not exceeding 25° supported by a heat sink.(|Tc|=25°)
20 W (TO-126)

Collector-base breakdown voltage |VCBO|: 600V,
500V for HK13001 and ST13001,
400V for KSE13001

Collector-emitter breakdown voltage |VCEO|: 400V

Emitter-base breakdown voltage |VEBO|: 7V,
9V for HK13001

Maximum collector current |Ic max|: 0.2A for MJE13001,
0.1A - for KTS13001, KSE13001, TS13001.
0.3A - for HK13001 and ST13001.

Maximum junction temperature |Tj|: +150 C

Transition frequency (ft) : 8MHz(min)

Collector-emitter saturation voltage|VCE|:0,5V(IC=50mA,IB=10mA).

Base-emitter saturation voltage|VBE|:1,2V(IC=50mA,IB=10mA).

Forward current transfer ratio |hFE| : 10-70,(IC=20mA,VCE=20V).

Storage time|t s |:1,5µs

Fall time |t F |:0,3µs

MJE13001 Datasheet (PDF)
(Unisonic Technologies.)

TS13001 Datasheet (PDF)

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